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  • Course: Honor Calculus Practice 2
  • Course Number: L0442.000800 007, 008
  • Allowed Audiences: Students taking Honor Calculus 2 (in English)
  • Prerequisites: English + Calculus 1
  • Textbook: Hongjong Kim, Calculus 2 (English translation), SNU Press
    In this course, the lecture will cover advanced topics including appendices of the textbook.
    Supplementary reference: Marsden and Tromba, Vector Calculus(6th ed.), W. H. Freeman, 2011
  • The role of instructors and TAs
    Classes for Honor Calculus Practice 2 are conducted by the teaching assistants under the supervision of the instructors in charge. The role of each is divided as follows:
    • Instructors:
      They supervise the class. They have rights to approve an absence. They can have meeting with audiences about things that TAs or tutors of building 26 cannot resolve or other things.
    • Teaching assistants:
      They conduct the actual class. They are in charge of the student presentation, including the order of the presentation and the assignment of exercises. They make comments on the student presentation and evaluate it; identify the degree of student participation; and determine the presentation & participation scores based on the criteria. In addition to this, they give problem-solving class; administer and grade quizzes; and give attendance scores.
  • TA-led class
    Every class of Honor Calculus Practice 2 is a student-led class, in which the student presentation has a high proportion.
    • o In student-led classes, the student presentation is the main part. Each student will give a presentation about four times a semester on the subject of his or her assigned exercise. The goal of this course is to develop communication skills through these presentations.
  • Grading
    • Quizzes (100 points) + Presentations & Participation (150 points) + Attendance (50 points) = Total (300 points)
    • The attendance score will be graded by the following chart:
      # of absences 0 times 1 time 2 times 3 times 4 times More than 4 times
      Attendance score 50 points 48 points 45 points 35 points 20 points 0 points
      ※ In calculating the attendance score, 2 tardiness will be considered 1 absence.
  • Caution
    • English is the only language allowed in the class!!
    • “F” grade for missing all of quizzes.
    • “F” grade for missing all of homeworks.
    • “F” grade for absence from the class more than 4 times.
  • Presentations & Participation
    • The presentation score is determined by reflecting the presentation attitude, presentation content, and preparation.
    • The list of the representative exercises
    • Participation scores are determined by reflecting the degree of participation in the class.
  • Quizzes
    • There are four quizzes, each of which weighs 25 points.
    • Schedule
      # Date Coverage Points
      1 9/27(Fri) Ch. 10 25
      2 10/4(Fri) Ch. 11 25
      3 11/8(Fri) Ch. 14 ~ Sec. 15.1 25
      4 11/29(Fri) Sec. 15.2 ~ Ch. 16 25
  • Tentative syllabus: The practice courses cover what the theory course(Honor Calculus 2 #004) covers based on the following schedule of the theory course.
    !!Attention: Please note the make-up class schedules in 3rd and 4th weeks!!
    Week Sections Note
    1st(9/2-9/6) (No theory class on 9/2(Mon) and 9/4(Wed)) 9/2(Mon) Beginning of the fall semester
    No class on 9/6(Fri)
    2nd(9/9-9/13) 10.1 Graph and level surface
    10.2 Continuous function
    10.3 Directional derivative
    10.4 Differentiable function
    10.5 Chain rule
    10.6 Gradient vector and level surface
    10.7.1 Continuously differentiable functions and Differentiability
    9/12(Thu) ~ 14(Sat) Chuseok holidays
    3rd(9/16-9/20) 10.7.2 Open sets, Closed sets, Bounded sets
    11.1 Leibniz’s rule
    11.7.1 Proof of Leibniz's rule
    11.2 Second order derivative
    11.3 Taylor expansion and approximation
    11.4 Critical point theorem
    11.5 Hessian, second derivative test
    9/21(Sat) 13:00~14:50 Make-up class(Place: 24-101)
    4th(9/23-9/27) (No theory class on 9/23(Mon) and 9/25(Wed)) 9/27(Fri) 1st quarter of the fall semester
    9/28(Sat) 13:00~14:50 Make-up class(Place: 24-101)
    5th(9/30-10/4) 11.6 Lagrange multipliers
    11.7.2 Calculus of variations
    12.1 Jacobian matrix
    12.2 Inverse function theorem, Implicit function theorem
    6th(10/7-10/11) 13.1 Vector field
    13.2 Line integral
    7th(10/14-10/18) 13.3 Potential function
    13.5.1 Proof of Poincaré’s lemma
    13.4 Differential form
    13.5.3 Dynamical systems
    8th(10/21-10/25) 14.1 Area and volume
    14.2 Multiple integral
    14.3 Fubini’s theorem
    14.5.1 Proof of Fubini’s theorem
    10/25(Mon) Last day to withdraw from courses, 2nd quarter of the fall semester
    9th(10/28-11/1) 14.4 Change of variables
    15.1 Vector field and divergence
    15.6 Divergence and Change of volume
    10th(11/4-11/8) 15.2 Divergence theorem
    15.3 Plane vector field and rotation
    15.4 Boundary and orientation
    15.5 Green’s theorem
    11th(11/11-11/15) 16.1 Surface
    16.2 Surface area
    12th(11/18-11/22) 16.3 Surface integral
    16.4 Vector field and surface integral
    11/20(Wed) 3rd quarter of the fall semester
    13th(11/25-11/29) 17.1 Divergence theorem
    17.2 Gauss’ law
    14th(12/2-12/6) 18.1 Curl
    18.2 Stokes’ theorem
    15th(12/9-12/13) 12/14(Fri) End of the fall semester
  • The above schedule is tentative and may change depending on the progress of the course.

Instructor Information
Section No. Instructor E-mail Address Office Phone No.
008 Kim, Woo Chan freecell (at) 26-204 2663
TAs Information
Section No. TA E-mail Address Office Phone No.
Recitation Time Recitation Room
008 Byeon, Junhyeok giugi2486 (at) 27-334 6556 Fri(13:00~14:50) 024-101

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