2021-11-26  13:30-14:00  Emergent behaviors of Lohe hermitian sphere particles under time-delayed interactions 황규영  27-220 
2021-11-26  16:00-18:00  Magic Pentagram Problem is in QNC^0 but not in NC^0 이수준  선택 
2021-11-25  16:00-18:00  A tale of two tails 오성진  선택 
2021-11-25  13:30-15:00  Exotic families of Weinstein manifolds with Milnor fibers of ADE types 이상진  27-220 
2021-11-24  16:00-18:00  Matrix-valued maximal Calder'on-Zygmund operators and applications Bang Xu  선택 
2021-11-19  10:00-12:00  Analysis for Elliptic Equations #3 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-19  14:00-16:00  인공지능에 대한 다양한 위협과 안전한 활용 방안 박새롬  선택 
2021-11-17  16:00-18:00  Gaussian states and channels over general quantum kinematical systems 박상준  선택 
2021-11-16  16:00-16:30  Crystal base and unipotent quantum coordinate ring 장일승  129-101 
2021-11-16  16:40-17:10  Quasisymmetric functions and weak Bruhat interval modules of the 0-Hecke algebras 김영훈  129-101 
2021-11-16  14:00-15:00  Approximation Methods of Multivariate Functions for Homomorphic Data Ordering 홍승완  129-301 
2021-11-12  10:00-12:00  Analysis for Elliptic Equations 2 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-12  16:00-17:00  Regularized Super Resolution Methods for the Compound Eye Vision Imaging System with a Planar MLA 박진제  27-220 
2021-11-10  16:00-18:00  Schur and Fourier multipliers on noncommutative Lp Éric Ricard  선택 
2021-11-05  10:00-12:00  Regularity of elliptic partial differential equations 1 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-05  16:00-18:00  Regularity theory for degenerate parabolic equations and its applications to financial markets 김탁원  27-325 
2021-11-05  14:00-16:00  Local densities of quadratic forms, Minkowski-Siegel formula, and its application 김대준  선택 
2021-11-03  16:00-18:00  The Bost-Connes system and C*-categories Christian Voigt  선택 
2021-11-02  10:30-11:30  Construction of KR modules of generalized quantum group of type A 유정우  27-220 
2021-11-02  16:40-17:10  Regularity for variational problems with nonstandard growth conditions file 수미야(Sumiya Baasandorj)  129-101