The main target of my research talk is to present a new concept of Ulam-type stability, i.e., multi-stability, through the classical, well-known special functions and to obtain the best approximation error estimates by a different concept of perturbation stability including fuzzy approaches for uncertainty considerations. This stability allows us to obtain diverse approximations depending on various special functions that are initially chosen and to evaluate maximal stability and minimal error which enable us to obtain a unique optimal solution of functional equations, inequalities, and fractional equations. Stability analysis in the sense of the Ulam and its different kinds has received considerable attention from the researchers. However, how to effectively generalize the Ulam stability problems and to evaluate optimized controllability and stability are new issues. The multi-stability not only covers the previous concepts but also considers the optimization of the problem and provides a comprehensive discussion of optimizing the different types of the Ulam stabilities of mathematical models used in the natural sciences and engineering disciplines with fuzzy attitudes.