Title : Lectures on continuous variable quantum information with Gaussian states

Abstract: The study of Gaussian states has arisen to a privileged position in continuous variable quantum information in recent years. This is due to vehemently pursued experimental realisations and a magnificently elegant mathematical framework. In these lectures, we introduce the basic concepts of quantum information with Gaussian states and their contemporary applications. After introducing the subject material and outlining the essential toolbox of continuous variable systems, we define the basic notions needed to understand Gaussian states and Gaussian operations. In particular, emphasis is placed on the mathematical structure combining notions of algebra and symplectic geometry that are fundamental to a complete understanding of Gaussian informatics. Furthermore, we discuss the quantification of different forms of quantum correlations and informational measures for Gaussian states, paying special attention to recently developed measures. The lectures are concluded by exploring applications to quantum technologies including the seminal example of continuous variable teleportation, as well as succinctly expressing the main Gaussian state limitations and outlining some open questions for quantum information processing with continuous variable systems.

10/24()16:00 17:00 129동 301호 Lecture I.
Quantum phase space methods and the symplectic group

10/25()17:00 18:00 129동 301호 Lecture II.
Gaussian states: informational properties and correlations

10/26()10:00 11:00 129동 301호 Lecture III.
Gaussian channels: description and classification

10/27()10:00 11:00 129동 104호 Lecture IV.
Gaussian quantum technologies: teleportation and beyond