2021-09-03  14:00-16:00  Quantum coherence and entanglement of quantum channels 김호준  선택 
2021-09-15  10:00-11:00  Rigidity of Beltrami fields with a non-constant proportionality factor ABE, Ken  선택 
2021-09-30  10:30-12:40  Schur-Weyl duality, old and new & Quantum symmetric pairs and Schur-type dualities Chun-Ju Lai  선택 
2021-09-29  16:00-18:00  Minimal dynamical systems, C*-algebras, and the classification program Karen Strung  선택 
2021-10-05  16:40-17:10  Heat kernel estimates for Markov jump processes 조수빈  선택 
2021-10-13  16:00-18:00  Noncommutative amenable actions: characterizations, applications, and new examples. Yuhei Suzuki  선택 
2021-10-06  16:00-18:00  Around the Connes embedding problem: from operator algebras to groups and quantum information theory Magdalena Musat  선택 
2021-10-12  09:30-11:00  Vertex algebras and chiral homology I Jethro van Ekeren  선택 
2021-10-14  09:30-11:30  Vertex algebras and chiral homology II Jethro van Ekeren  선택 
2021-10-26  10:00-11:30  Feigin-Semikhatov duality in W-superalgebras I Ryo Sato  선택 
2021-10-27  16:00-18:00  Rationality for operators obtained from free semicircular elements Akihiro Miyagawa  선택 
2021-10-28  10:00-11:30  Feigin-Semikhatov duality in W-superalgebras II Ryo Sato  선택 
2021-10-26  14:00-16:00  양자 과학기술을 위한 전자파와 통신의 기초 주창현  선택 
2021-11-05  10:00-12:00  Regularity of elliptic partial differential equations 1 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-03  16:00-18:00  The Bost-Connes system and C*-categories Christian Voigt  선택 
2021-11-10  16:00-18:00  Schur and Fourier multipliers on noncommutative Lp Éric Ricard  선택 
2021-11-05  14:00-16:00  Local densities of quadratic forms, Minkowski-Siegel formula, and its application 김대준  선택 
2021-11-12  10:00-12:00  Analysis for Elliptic Equations 2 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-19  10:00-12:00  Analysis for Elliptic Equations #3 Lihe Wang  선택 
2021-11-17  16:00-18:00  Gaussian states and channels over general quantum kinematical systems 박상준  선택