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The Seventeenth International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications is being organized at the Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, where it will be held from Monday, 31 July to Thursday, 3 August, 2006. The purpose of IWOTA 2006 is to bring together mathematicians and engineers interested in operator theory and its applications. Adhering to a tradition started at the last IWOTA meetings, the meeting will be focused on a few special themes, without losing sight of the general IWOTA mission. Our special interest areas are:

  • Hilbert/Krein space operator theory.
  • Complex function theory related to Hilbert space operators.
  • System theory related to Hilbert space operators.

    Apart from these, we welcome proposals on special sessions, especially in traditional IWOTA areas. The list of plenary and semi-plenary speakers includes:

    Daniel Alpay Hideki Kosaki
    Joseph Ball Sanjay Lall
    Albrecht Boettcher Cornelis van der Mee
    Man-Duen Choi Vadim Olshevsky
    Raul Curto Mihai Putinar
    Harry Dym Ilya Spitkovsky
    Israel Gohberg Florian Vasilescu
    William Helton Victor Vinnikov
    Il Bong Jung Wieslaw Zelazko
    M. A. Kaashoek  

    This IWOTA meeting will be the seventeenth in a series of highly successful IWOTA meetings. The previous IWOTA meetings were held in Santa Monica (1981), Rehovot (1983), Amsterdam (1985), Mesa AZ (1987), Rotterdam (1989), Sapporo (1991), Vienna (1993), Regensburg (1995), Bloomington (1995), Groningen (1998), Bordeaux (2000), Faro (2000), Blacksburg (2002) , Cagliari (2003), Newcastle (2004) and Storrs (2005). The organizers of the present meeting intend to adhere to the high standards set by these previous meetings.

    We look forward to seeing you in Seoul!