Cheol Hyun Cho ,


Department of Mathematics

Seoul National University 


Cheol-Hyun Cho
Seoul National University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
, Seoul  151-747


(02) 880-6534

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Teaching : 2015. Spring

1)      Differentiable manifolds

2)      Calculus 1

Office hours:  Anytime when I am in my office


Research  interests:

1 Symplectic topology: Lagrangian Floer theory and its structures

2 Homological Mirror Symmetry:

Relationship between Fukaya category and matrix factorizations

3 Stringy Orbifolds


Curriculum Vitae:  CV


Former Ph.D Students:  Sangwook Lee (ph.D 2013, currently at KIAS)

                              Hansol Hong  (ph.D 2014, Yonsei University)

                              Hyungseok Shin  (ph.D 2015, KIAS )

                              Hanwool Bae  (ph.D 2017, CUHK )

                       (current graduate students)

Wonbo Jung, Hyunmoon Kim, Dongwook Choa, Jaehyung Kim, Kyungmo Kim, Kyungmin Roh …


          Some Math things:

              Localized mirror functor :  Slide of the presentation at Taiwan conference on “ Calabi-Yau Geometry and Mirror symmetry”

              Mathematical code for the computation of the Potential function for orbi-sphere


ICM Satellite Conference: August 4-8 2014 at IBS Pohang, Korea


Homological Mirror Symmetry and Symplectic Topology

              Mini-workshop on symplectic topology and mirror symmetry. Mar 28~29, 2019