Cheol Hyun Cho ,

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Seoul National University 


Cheol-Hyun Cho
Seoul National University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
, Seoul  151-747


(02) 880-6534

E-mail (with # replaced by @)




Teaching : 2014. Spring

1)      Topology  : textbook by Kahn

2)      Calculus 1

Office hours:  Anytime when I am in my office


Research  interests:

1 Symplectic topology: Lagrangian Floer theory and its structures

2 Homological Mirror Symmetry:

Relationship between Fukaya category and matrix factorizations

3 Stringy Orbifolds


Curriculum Vitae:  CV

An article containing one paragraph introductions to recent works: Click here


Graduate Students:  Sangwook Lee (graduated 2013, currently at CGP IBS)

                              Hansol Hong  (graduating 2014 summer)

                       (current graduate students)

Hyungseok Shin, Taesoo Kim, Hanwool Bae, Wonbo Jung, HyenHo Lho,  Jungwoo Bae


          Some Math things:

              Localized mirror functor :  Slide of the presentation at Taiwan conference on “ Calabi-Yau Geometry and Mirror symmetry”

              Mathematical code for the computation of the Potential function for orbi-sphere


ICM Satellite Conference: August 4-8 2014 at IBS Pohang, Korea


Homological Mirror Symmetry and Symplectic Topology