Ph.D. Students

  • Jisun Park (2020.06–)
  • TaeHo Yoon (2020.06–)
  • Haneol Kijm (2020.10–)
  • Jongmin Lee (2020.10–)
  • Jaewook Suh (2020.11–)
  • Jooyoung Choi (2021.03–)

M.S. Students

  • Sehyun Kwon (2020.08–)

Affiliate/Visiting Students

Undergraduate Mentees

  • Gyumin Roh (2021–)
  • Chanwoo Park (2020–, SNU Stats)
  • Shuyao Li (2019, HKU→Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Xinmeng Huang (2019, USTC→UPenn)
  • Xumei Xi (2018, USTC→Cornell)

For Prospective Students

Graduate students

I will be accepting applications to join my group at the end of 2021. Students interested in applying are encouraged to contact me to discuss the application process. Applicants should satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

Undergraduate interns

I am generally unable to advise undergraduate interns. However, I will make an exception if a students achieves a 1st place performance in my optimization or deep learning course.