2014-11-04  17:00-18:00  이자율 파생상품의 구조와 그 이해 유석현  선택 
2014-12-09  17:00-18:00  Balanced wall for random groups Piotr Przytycki  선택 
2014-11-07  11:00-12:00  Hybrid Parallelization and GPGPU for Fast Computation of the Radiative Transport Equation Hiroshi Fujiwara  선택 
2014-11-07  10:00-11:00  Stability of the CIP scheme applied to advection equations Yuusuke Iso  선택 
2015-11-30  15:00-16:00  Spectral methods for convection-diffusion problems Jae-Hun Jung  선택 
2015-12-01  15:00-16:00  Pseudospectral methods for hyperbolic equations Jae-Hun Jung  선택 
2015-12-07  14:00-17:00  Nonlinear stochastic games, p-Laplace type equations and applications Mikko Parviainen  선택 
2015-05-07  11:00-12:15  L^1 error estimates for balance laws with space-dependent source Debora Amadori  선택 
2015-05-14  14:00-15:15  Synchronization of finite-state pulse-coupled oscillators 유한백  선택 
2015-05-26  16:00-17:00  Multilevel Monte Carlo Finte Element for Stochastic Optimal Control Problem 심임보  선택 
2015-09-14  16:00-17:30  Parameter-robust preconditioning for systems of partial differential equations 이정훈  선택 
2016-05-11  17:00-18:30  Handle body subgroups in mapping class groups Koji Fujiwara  선택 
2015-10-23  10:30-12:00  function spaces on quantum tori Xiao Xiong  선택 
2015-11-03  14:00-16:00  Introduction to deal.II Wolfgang Bangerth  선택 
2015-11-04  09:30-10:30  Introduction to deal.II Wolfgang Bangerth  선택 
2015-11-05  13:00-17:00  Introduction to deal.II Wolfgang Bangerth  선택 
2015-11-06  10:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00  Introduction to deal.II Wolfgang Bangerth  선택 
2015-11-02  10:00-12:30, 14:00-18:00  Introduction to deal.II Wolfgang Bangerth  선택 
2015-11-13  15:00-16:00  Spectral methods for solving PDEs with singular defect terms Jae-Hun Jung  선택 
2016-06-28  16:00-17:00  Numerical Simulation of Bouncing Jets and Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Sanghyun Lee  선택