2021-04-06  16:00-17:00  Hamiltonian structure, Stability, and Variational methods 석진명  선택 
2021-05-18  16:00-17:00  What is abstract harmonic analysis? 이훈희  선택 
2021-05-25  16:00-17:00  Estimates for Spectral projectors on the torus 권예현  선택 
2021-06-04  16:00-17:00  Problems for the Hermite and special Hermite expansions 유재현  27-220 
2021-06-01  16:00-17:00  On the Bochner-Riesz operator in R^3 정은희  선택 
2021-06-17  16:00-17:00  Pairs Trading of two Assets with uncertainty in co-integration's level of mean reversion 이상민  27-325 
2021-11-12  16:00-17:00  Regularized Super Resolution Methods for the Compound Eye Vision Imaging System with a Planar MLA 박진제  27-220 
2021-12-01  16:00-17:00  Optimal gradient estimates for elliptic equations with nonstandard growth conditions 임민규  27-220 
2021-12-15  16:00-17:00  Finding a needle in sand beach: l_p regularization in Ensemble Kalman Inversion 이윤상  129-310 
2021-12-23  16:00-17:00  Weighted estimates for maximal product of spherical averages file Kalachand Shuin  선택 
2021-12-24  16:00-17:00  Weighted estimates for bilinear Bochner-Riesz means at the critical index file Kalachand Shuin  선택 
2021-12-20  16:00-17:00  The Navier-Stokes-wall-grafted polymer system, global well-posedness, and polymer drag reduction LA, Joonhyun  선택 
2021-12-22  16:00-17:00  Asymptotic analysis on positive solutions of the Lane-Emden system near the critical hyperbola 김승혁  선택 
2022-03-15  16:00-17:00  Conditional large-data global well-posedness of Dirac equation with Hartree-type nonlinearity 홍석창  27-116 
2022-03-18  16:00-17:00  On p-rationality of $\mathbb{Q}(\zeta_{2l+1})^{+}$ for Sophie Germain primes $l$ Donghyeok Lim  27-325 
2022-04-06  16:00-17:00  Free probability and random matrices 지홍창  선택 
2022-05-17  16:00-17:00  Virtual pullbacks, cosection localization, and Donaldson-Thomas theory of Calabi-Yau 4-folds 박현준  129-309 
2022-05-23  16:00-17:00  Estimates of heat kernels for jump processes with degeneracy and critical killing 조수빈  129-104 
2022-05-31  16:00-17:00  Study on Loss Surface of Deep Neural Networks and Several Applications of Deep Learning 박예찬  129-406 
2022-06-03  16:00-17:00  Regularity results for Orlicz phase problems Sumiya BAASANDORJ  27-220