In this talk, we consider a new finite element method for solving Biot's equations that model the coupled fluid and mechanics in deformable porous media. The primary purpose of the study is to develop acomputationally efficient and robust numericalmethod that is free of both pressure oscillations and volumetric locking. The method utilizes a new locking-free enriched Galerkin methodfor the displacement of the solid phase and a locally conservative enriched Galerkin method for the pressure of the fluidphase. These EG methods utilize the well-known discontinuous Galerkin (DG) techniques, but the approximation spaces have fewer degrees of freedom than those for the typical DG methods, thus offering an efficient alternative to DG methods. We present a priorierror estimates of optimal order. We also demonstrate through some numerical examples that the new method is free of pressure oscillations and volumetric locking and can even handle well the heterogeneity of porous medium.