<PARC Monthly Seminar>


◆ 일       시 :  2015년 2월 25일(수) 오후 4시

◆ 장       소 :  서울대학교 27동 220호

◆ 연       사 :  박 진 영

◆ 소       속 :  서울대학교 수리과학부

◆ 강연 제목 :  Emergence of phase-locked states for the Winfree model in a large coupling regime.

◆ 초       록 :  

We study the large-time behavior of the globally coupled Winfree model in a large coupling regime. The Winfree model is the first mathematical model for the synchronization phenomenon in an ensemble of weakly coupled limit-cycle oscillators. For the dynamic formation of phase-locked states, we provide a sufficient framework in terms of geometric conditions on the coupling functions and coupling strength. We show that in the proposed framework, the emergent phase-locked state is the unique equilibrium state and it is asymptotically stable in an $\ell^1$-norm; further, we investigate its configurational structure.2.gif