Feb 03, 2021  17:00-17:45  Polynomial Sarnak's conjecture and related topics Ruxi Shi  선택 
Mar 19, 2019  01:30-02:30  The Farey Sequence Next-Term Algorithm, and the Boca-Cobeli-Zaharescu Map Analogue for Hecke Triangle Groups G_q(1) Diaaeldin Taha  선택 
Jun 02, 2021  16:00-18:00  Sums of free variables in symmetric spaces Éric Ricard  선택 
Aug 20, 2021  14:00-16:00  Quantum nonlocality without entanglement depending on nonzero prior pribilities in optimal unambiguous discrimition 하동훈  선택 
Sep 15, 2021  10:00-11:00  Limit theory and large deviations of random contingency tables 류한백  선택 
Sep 03, 2021  10:30-12:00  Large deviation principle for heavy tailed random variables III 이창한  선택 
Sep 28, 2021  14:00-15:00  Global existence of smooth solutions to the 3D Vlasov-Poisson system 배준식  선택 
Oct 22, 2021  14:00-16:00  Skin-like stretchable bioelectronics 손동희  선택 
Nov 24, 2021  16:00-18:00  Matrix-valued maximal Calder'on-Zygmund operators and applications Bang Xu  선택 
Dec 21, 2021  13:30-15:30  Basic EMC Seminar for Applications of QST(Quantum Science and Technology) (4) 주창현  선택 
Dec 30, 2021  10:00-11:30  Regularity and existence of weak solutions of porous medium equation with a divergence type of drift II 황숙정  선택 
Apr 10, 2019  11:00-12:15  Performance and Scalability Analysis of a Coupled Dual Porosity Stokes Model Implemented with FEniCS Craig C. Douglas  선택 
Jan 19, 2022  10:00-11:30  Marcinkiewicz regularity for singular parabolic $p$-Laplace type equations with measure data file 박정태  선택 
Jan 26, 2022  11:30-1300  Computing Husimi functions using COMSOL Multiphysics file 김주만  선택 
Jan 26, 2022  10:00-10:30  Topological structure of nearly degenerated exceptional points file 김진욱  선택 
Mar 23, 2022  16:00-18:00  Local and multilinear noncommutative de Leeuw theorems Martijn Caspers  선택 
Apr 20, 2022  16:00-18:00  Hilbert transforms for groups acting on R-trees Runlian Xia  선택 
May 11, 2022  16:00-17:00  Schatten properties of quantum derivatives on quantum tori file Xiao Xiong  선택 
Jun 10, 2022  14:00-16:00  Quantum enhanced multiple-phase estimation with multi-mode N00N states 임향택  선택 
Nov 04, 2020  12:30-14:00  Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for maximum entropy optimal control 김정호  선택