Speaker: Victoria Hoskins (Freie Universität Berlin)

Time: 12/7~11, 1600~1700

1. (Location: 129-301) Instability stratifications in GIT: quick overview of GIT and Hilbert-Mumford criterion, Kempf's theorem on adapted 1-PSs, the construction of the stratification.

2. (Location: 129-104) Symplectic quotients and their relation to GIT: moment maps and symplectic reduction, the Kempf-Ness Theorem.

3. (Location: 129-301) The Morse stratification is the GIT instability stratification: the norm square of the moment map as a Morse function, a description of the associated Morse srata, and comparison with GIT stratification.

4. (Location: 129-301) Stratifications for quiver representations: King's GIT construction of moduli spaces of quivers and the Harder-Narasimhan stratification, and the result that all three stratifications agree.

5. (Location: 27-325) Stratifications for sheaves: Simpson's GIT construction of moduli spaces of sheaves and the Harder-Narasimhan stratification, then comparison results.