1. On circle diffeomorphism groups

  2. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Symplectic geometry and the three-body problem

  3. WGAN with an Infinitely wide generator has no spurious stationary points

  4. Free boundary problems arising from mathematical finance

  5. One and Two dimensional Coulomb Systems

  6. Ill-posedness for incompressible Euler equations at critical regularit

  7. <정년퇴임 기념강연> 수학의 시대정신(?)

  8. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Mathematical Aspects of Machine Learning and Deep Learning AI

  9. Lie group actions on symplectic manifolds

  10. Mathematics, Biology and Mathematical Biology

  11. Quantitative residual non-vanishing of special values of various L-functions

  12. Quantum Dynamics in the Mean-Field and Semiclassical Regime

  13. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Continuous-time Portfolio Selection

  14. <청암상 수상 기념 특별강연> 동형암호, 기계학습, 근사정수론

  15. Symplectic Geometry, Mirror symmetry and Holomorphic Curves

  16. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Intuition, Mathematics and Proof

  17. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Geometry and algebra of computational complexity

  18. Number theoretic results in a family

  19. 행렬, 행렬함수 그리고 행렬방정식 (Matrix, Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations)

  20. Circular maximal functions on the Heisenberg group

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