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date May 11, 2023


Among many different ways to introduce derived algebraic geometry is an interplay between ordinary algebraic geometry and homotopy theory. The infinity-category theory, as a manifestation of homotopy theory, supplies better descent results even for ordinary algebro-geometric objets, not to mention objects of interest in the derived setting. I'll explain what this means in the first half. The second half will be devoted to my recent work on some excision and descent results for commutative ring spectra, generalizing Milnor excision for perfect complexes of ordinary commutative rings and v-descent for perfect complexes of locally noetherian derived stacks by Halpern-Leistner and Preygel, respectively. No prior experience on derived algebraic geometry is required for the talk.

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  1. Essential dimension of simple algebras

  2. Equations defining algebraic curves and their tangent and secant varieties

  3. Entropy of symplectic automorphisms

  4. Entropies on covers of compact manifolds

  5. Elliptic equations with singular drifts in critical spaces

  6. Diophantine equations and moduli spaces with nonlinear symmetry

  7. 16May
    by 김수현
    in Math Colloquia

    Descent in derived algebraic geometry

  8. Deformation spaces of Kleinian groups and beyond

  9. Creation of concepts for prediction models and quantitative trading

  10. Counting number fields and its applications

  11. Counting circles in Apollonian circle packings and beyond

  12. Convex and non-convex optimization methods in image processing

  13. Contact topology of singularities and symplectic fillings

  14. Contact instantons and entanglement of Legendrian links

  15. Contact Homology and Constructions of Contact Manifolds

  16. Conservation laws and differential geometry

  17. Connes's Embedding Conjecture and its equivalent

  18. Connectedness of a zero-level set as a geometric estimate for parabolic PDEs

  19. Congruences between modular forms

  20. Conformal field theory in mathematics

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