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date 2023-05-25


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A symplectic manifold is a space with a global structure on which Hamiltonian equations are defined. A classical result by Darboux says that every symplectic manifold locally looks standard, so it has been interesting to study global properties of symplectic manifolds. Since Gromov invented his famous theory of J-holomorphic curves in 1985, symplectic rigidity phenomena have been found in many different ways. In this talk, we explore it in terms of the symplectic mapping class groups and entropies.



첨부 '1'
  1. Universality of log-correlated fields

  2. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> 양자상태의 기하학

  3. Class field theory for 3-dimensional foliated dynamical systems

  4. Satellite operators on knot concordance

  5. <정년퇴임 기념강연> 작용소대수와 양자정보이론

  6. 01Jun
    by 김수현
    in 수학강연회

    Entropy of symplectic automorphisms

  7. Equations defining algebraic curves and their tangent and secant varieties

  8. Descent in derived algebraic geometry

  9. Toward bridging a connection between machine learning and applied mathematics

  10. Vlasov-Maxwell equations and the Dynamics of Plasmas

  11. Study stochastic biochemical systems via their underlying network structures

  12. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> 복잡한 생명현상을 위한 21세기 현미경, 수학!

  13. Birational Geometry of varieties with effective anti-canonical divisors

  14. Contact instantons and entanglement of Legendrian links

  15. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Self-Supervised Learning in Computer Vision

  16. <학부생을 위한 강연> 수학과 보험산업

  17. Counting number fields and its applications

  18. Towards Trustworthy Scientific Machine Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

  19. Elliptic equations with singular drifts in critical spaces

  20. Contact topology of singularities and symplectic fillings

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