Extra Form
Lecturer 홍순옥
Dept. 농협은행
date Oct 21, 2021


1. 금본위제, 달러, 비트코인 등 돈의 흐름으로 보는 세계사

2. 사람은 어떻게  생각하고 행동하는가 ? (행동경제학, 비선형성)

3. 돈에 대한 생각, 행동, 습관을 바꾸어보자. (부자들은 무엇이 다른가 ? 지금부터 준비해보자.)

4. 주식, 부동산 등 자산관리


[첨부1] 돈은 어떻게 삶에 돈며들었는가(수리과학부)_강의자료.pdf

[첨부2] 돈은 어떻게 삶에 돈며들었는가(수리과학부)_보조자료.pdf

  1. 22Oct
    by 김수현
    in Math Colloquia

    돈은 어떻게 우리 삶에 돈며들었는가? (불확실성 시대에 부는 선형적으로 증가하는가?)

  2. 극소곡면의 등주부등식

  3. 곡선의 정의란 무엇인가?

  4. Zeros of the derivatives of the Riemann zeta function

  5. Zeros of linear combinations of zeta functions

  6. What is model theory?

  7. What happens inside a black hole?

  8. WGAN with an Infinitely wide generator has no spurious stationary points

  9. Weyl character formula and Kac-Wakimoto conjecture

  10. Weak and strong well-posedness of critical and supercritical SDEs with singular coefficients

  11. W-algebras and related topics

  12. Volume entropy of hyperbolic buildings

  13. Vlasov-Maxwell equations and the Dynamics of Plasmas

  14. Variational Methods without Nondegeneracy

  15. Unprojection

  16. Universality of log-correlated fields

  17. Unique ergodicity for foliations

  18. Trends to equilibrium in collisional rarefied gas theory

  19. Towards Trustworthy Scientific Machine Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

  20. Toward bridging a connection between machine learning and applied mathematics

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