1. Noise-induced phenomena in stochastic heat equations

  2. Non-commutative Lp-spaces and analysis on quantum spaces

  3. Noncommutative Geometry. Quantum Space-Time and Diffeomorphism Invariant Geometry

  4. Noncommutative Surfaces

  5. Nonlocal generators of jump type Markov processes

  6. Normal form reduction for unconditional well-posedness of canonical dispersive equations

  7. Number theoretic results in a family

  8. On circle diffeomorphism groups

  9. On function field and smooth specialization of a hypersurface in the projective space

  10. On Ingram’s Conjecture

  11. On some nonlinear elliptic problems

  12. On the distributions of partition ranks and cranks

  13. On the resolution of the Gibbs phenomenon

  14. On the Schauder theory for elliptic PDEs

  15. One and Two dimensional Coulomb Systems

  16. Partial differential equations with applications to biology

  17. Periodic orbits in symplectic geometry

  18. Q-curvature in conformal geometry

  19. Quantitative residual non-vanishing of special values of various L-functions

  20. Quantum Dynamics in the Mean-Field and Semiclassical Regime

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