1. Spectral Analysis for the Anomalous Localized Resonance by Plasmonic Structures

  2. Structural stability of meandering-hyperbolic group actions

  3. Structures of Formal Proofs

  4. Study stochastic biochemical systems via their underlying network structures

  5. Subgroups of Mapping Class Groups

  6. Subword complexity, expansion of real numbers and irrationality exponents

  7. Sums of squares in quadratic number rings

  8. Symmetry Breaking in Quasi-1D Coulomb Systems

  9. Symplectic Geometry, Mirror symmetry and Holomorphic Curves

  10. Symplectic topology and mirror symmetry of partial flag manifolds

  11. The classification of fusion categories and operator algebras

  12. The Lagrange and Markov Spectra of Pythagorean triples

  13. The Mathematics of the Bose Gas and its Condensation

  14. The phase retrieval problem

  15. The process of mathematical modelling for complex and stochastic biological systems

  16. The Shape of Data

  17. The significance of dimensions in mathematics

  18. Theory and applications of partial differential equations

  19. Topological aspects in the theory of aperiodic solids and tiling spaces

  20. Topological surgery through singularity in mean curvature flow

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