1. A dissipative effect on some PDEs with physical singularity

  2. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Secure computation: Promise and challenges

  3. Geometric structures and representation spaces

  4. <정년퇴임 기념강연> 리만 가설에 관련된 옌센 다항식의 영점

  5. Infinite order rationally slice knots

  6. Random matrices and operator algebras

  7. Symplectic topology and mirror symmetry of partial flag manifolds

  8. 돈은 어떻게 우리 삶에 돈며들었는가? (불확실성 시대에 부는 선형적으로 증가하는가?)

  9. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Mathematics and music: Pythagoras, Bach, Fibonacci and AI

  10. Topological surgery through singularity in mean curvature flow

  11. Heavy-tailed large deviations and deep learning's generalization mystery

  12. Diophantine equations and moduli spaces with nonlinear symmetry

  13. <정년퇴임 기념강연> Hardy, Beurling, and invariant subspaces

  14. <정년퇴임 기념강연> The Elements of Euclid

  15. On circle diffeomorphism groups

  16. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Symplectic geometry and the three-body problem

  17. WGAN with an Infinitely wide generator has no spurious stationary points

  18. Free boundary problems arising from mathematical finance

  19. One and Two dimensional Coulomb Systems

  20. Ill-posedness for incompressible Euler equations at critical regularit

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