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강연자 Marshall Slemrod
소속 Univ. of Wisconsin
date 2010-10-14
A fundamental problem in differential geometry is to characterize intrinsic metrics on a two-dimensional Riemannian manifold M2 which can be realized as isometric immersions into R3. This problem can be formulated as initial and/or boundary value problems for a system of nonlinear partial differential equations of mixed elliptichyperbolic type whose mathematical theory is largely incomplete. In this paper, we develop a general approach, which combines a fluid dynamic formulation of balance laws for the Gauss-Codazzi system with a compensated compactness framework, to deal with the initial and/or boundary value problems for isometric immersions in R3. The compensated compactness framework formed here is a natural formulation to ensure the weak continuity of the Gauss-Codazzi system for approximate solutions, which yields the isometric realization of two-dimensional surfaces in R3. As a first application of this approach, we study the isometric immersion problem for two-dimensional Riemannian manifolds with strictly negative Gauss curvature. We prove that there exists a C1,1 isometric immersion of the two-dimensional manifold in R3 satisfying our prescribed initial conditions. To achieve this, we introduce a vanishing viscosity method depending on the features of initial value problems for isometric immersions and present a technique to make the apriori estimates including the L∞ control and H?1?compactness for the viscous approximate solutions. This yields the weak convergence of the vanishing viscosity approximate solutions and the weak continuity of the Gauss-Codazzi system for the approximate solutions, hence the existence of an isometric immersion of the manifold into R3 satisfying our initial conditions.
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