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date 2021-11-04


Free probability is a young mathematical theory that started in the theory of operator algebras. One of the main features of free probability theory is its connection with random matrices. Indeed, free probability provides operator algebraic frameworks for dealing with the limits of random matrices. In this lecture, we will focus on two explicit examples of random matrices (self-adjoint random Gaussian matrices and random unitary matrices), their asymptotic eigenvalue distributions and the related operator algebras.


첨부 '1'
  1. Noise-induced phenomena in stochastic heat equations

  2. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Functional Analysis (Wang Xumin)

  3. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Probability, PDE (Ramil Mouad)

  4. Mirror symmetry of pairings

  5. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Geometric Group Dynamics (서동균)

  6. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Symplectic Topology (문지연)

  7. A dissipative effect on some PDEs with physical singularity

  8. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Secure computation: Promise and challenges

  9. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: PDE, Emergent Dynamics (안현진)

  10. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Cryptography (이기우)

  11. Geometric structures and representation spaces

  12. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Integrable Systems (Sylvain Carpentier)

  13. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Number Theory (이석형)

  14. <정년퇴임 기념강연> 리만 가설에 관련된 옌센 다항식의 영점

  15. 2021-2 Rookies Pitch: Representation Theory(김영훈)

  16. 2021-2 Rookies Pitch: Representation Theory(장일승)

  17. Infinite order rationally slice knots

  18. 2021-2 Rookies Pitch: Regularity for PDEs (수미야)

  19. 2021-2 Rookies Pitch: Harmonic Analysis (이진봉)

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    Random matrices and operator algebras

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