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강연자 박정환
소속 카이스트 수리과학과
date 2021-11-11


A knot is a smooth embedding of an oriented circle into the three-sphere, and two knots are concordant if they cobound a smoothly embedded annulus in the three-sphere times the interval. Concordance gives an equivalence relation, and the set of equivalence classes forms a group called the concordance group. This group was introduced by Fox and Milnor in the 60's and has played an important role in the development of low-dimensional topology. In this talk, I will present some known results on the structure of the group. Also, I will talk about a knot that has infinite order in the concordance group, though it bounds a smoothly embedded disk in a rational homology ball. This is joint work with Jennifer Hom, Sungkyung Kang, and Matthew Stoffregen.

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