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Lecturer 김건우
Dept. 포항공대
date Apr 21, 2022


Stochastic heat equations (SHE) usually refer to heat equations perturbed by noise and can be a model for the density of diffusing particles under a random potential. When the irregularity of noise is dominating the diffusion, SHE exhibits interesting phenomena induced by noise, such as intermittency and dissipation. In this talk, we first introduce what noise means mathematically and present several ways to understand noise-induced phenomena such as intermittency and dissipation.

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  1. Contact topology of singularities and symplectic fillings

  2. 2022-2 Rookies Pitch: Representation Theory(이신명)

  3. 2022-2 Rookies Pitch: Representation Theory(허태혁)

  4. 2022-2 Rookies Pitch: Harmonic Analysis (오세욱)

  5. 2022-2 Rookies Pitch: Harmonic Analysis (함세헌)

  6. Combinatorics and Hodge theory

  7. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Harmonic Analysis (Kalachand Shuin)

  8. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch:Functional Analysis (정민구)

  9. Regularity theory for non-autonomous elliptic equations in divergence form

  10. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Algebraic Topology (송종백)

  11. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Symplectic/Algebraic Geometry (좌동욱)

  12. <2020년도 젊은 과학자상 수상 기념강연> Metastability of stochastic systems

  13. Geometric Langlands theory: A bridge between number theory and physics

  14. 28Apr
    by 김수현
    in Math Colloquia

    Noise-induced phenomena in stochastic heat equations

  15. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Functional Analysis (Wang Xumin)

  16. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Probability, PDE (Ramil Mouad)

  17. Mirror symmetry of pairings

  18. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Geometric Group Dynamics (서동균)

  19. 2022-1 Rookies Pitch: Symplectic Topology (문지연)

  20. A dissipative effect on some PDEs with physical singularity

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