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date 2022-04-07

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초록: Mirror symmetry has served as a rich source of striking coincidences of various kinds. In this talk we will first review two kinds of mirror symmetry statements, and observe how they are related. Then we will investigate the relation between pairings of two Frobenius algebras which are quantum cohomology and Jacobian ring respectively, via Cardy identity in 2-dimensional open-closed TQFT. As an example we will deal with an elliptic orbifold sphere, and see that the expected equivalence between two pairings gives rise to an identity of modular forms. This is a joint work with Cheol-Hyun Cho and Hyung-Seok Shin.

  1. Regularity theory for non-autonomous elliptic equations in divergence form

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  9. 12Apr
    by 김수현
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    Mirror symmetry of pairings

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