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date 2018-05-24

In this talk, we will discuss two interesting problems on hypersurfaces in the projective space. The first one is the absolute Galois theory on the function field of a very general hypersurface in the projective space. The other one is the classification of projective manifolds with the property of admitting a 1-parameter deformation to a hypersurface in the projective space.

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  1. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Geometry and algebra of computational complexity

  2. Number theoretic results in a family

  3. 행렬, 행렬함수 그리고 행렬방정식 (Matrix, Matrix Functions and Matrix Equations)

  4. Circular maximal functions on the Heisenberg group

  5. Fixed points of symplectic/Hamiltonian circle actions

  6. A modified separation method to solve a heat-transfer boundary value problem

  7. Arithmetic of elliptic curves

  8. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> Convergence of Fourier series and integrals in Lebesgue spaces

  9. Trends to equilibrium in collisional rarefied gas theory

  10. The Lagrange and Markov Spectra of Pythagorean triples

  11. A-infinity functor and topological field theory

  12. Weak and strong well-posedness of critical and supercritical SDEs with singular coefficients

  13. Algebraic surfaces with minimal topological invariants

  14. A wrapped Fukaya category of knot complement and hyperbolic knot

  15. Alice and Bob meet Banach and von Neumann

  16. Congruences between modular forms

  17. W-algebras and related topics

  18. 29May
    by 김수현
    in 수학강연회

    On function field and smooth specialization of a hypersurface in the projective space

  19. <학부생을 위한 ɛ 강연> 기하와 대수의 거울대칭

  20. 1 is big enough to understand 3

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