1. <학부생을 위한 강연> 사색 정리를 포함하는 Hadwiger의 추측의 변형에 관하여

  2. The classification of fusion categories and operator algebras

  3. Green’s function for initial-boundary value problem

  4. Mechanization of proof: from 4-Color theorem to compiler verification

  5. On the distributions of partition ranks and cranks

  6. Q-curvature in conformal geometry

  7. Zeros of the derivatives of the Riemann zeta function

  8. Geometry, algebra and computation in moduli theory

  9. Gromov-Witten-Floer theory and Lagrangian intersections in symplectic topology

  10. High dimensional nonlinear dynamics

  11. What is model theory?

  12. Essential dimension of simple algebras

  13. Restriction theorems for real and complex curves

  14. Recommendation system and matrix completion: SVD and its applications (학부생을 위한 강연)

  15. Deformation spaces of Kleinian groups and beyond

  16. Idempotents and topologies

  17. Recent progress on the Brascamp-Lieb inequality and applications

  18. Existence of positive solutions for φ-Laplacian systems

  19. Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for irregular holonomic D-modules

  20. Normal form reduction for unconditional well-posedness of canonical dispersive equations

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