1. <학부생을 위한 ε 강연> What mathematics can do for the real and even fake world

  2. The process of mathematical modelling for complex and stochastic biological systems

  3. Random walks in spaces of negative curvature

  4. Solver friendly finite element methods

  5. Brownian motion and energy minimizing measure in negative curvature

  6. 학부생을위한ε강연: 수학자는 왜 선망되는 직업일까?

  7. Generalized multiscale HDG (hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin) methods for flows in highly heterogeneous porous media

  8. Weyl character formula and Kac-Wakimoto conjecture

  9. Nonlocal generators of jump type Markov processes

  10. Regularity of solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equation on a domain

  11. What is Weak KAM Theory?

  12. 정년퇴임 기념강연: 회고

  13. <학부생을 위한 강연> 사색 정리를 포함하는 Hadwiger의 추측의 변형에 관하여

  14. The classification of fusion categories and operator algebras

  15. Green’s function for initial-boundary value problem

  16. Mechanization of proof: from 4-Color theorem to compiler verification

  17. On the distributions of partition ranks and cranks

  18. Q-curvature in conformal geometry

  19. Zeros of the derivatives of the Riemann zeta function

  20. Geometry, algebra and computation in moduli theory

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