1. Equations defining algebraic curves and their tangent and secant varieties

  2. Essential dimension of simple algebras

  3. Existence of positive solutions for φ-Laplacian systems

  4. Faithful representations of Chevalley groups over quotient rings of non-Archimedean local fields

  5. Fano manifolds of Calabi-Yau Type

  6. Fefferman's program and Green functions in conformal geometry

  7. Fermat´s last theorem

  8. Fixed points of symplectic/Hamiltonian circle actions

  9. Free boundary problems arising from mathematical finance

  10. Freudenthal medal, Klein medal 수상자의 수학교육이론

  11. From mirror symmetry to enumerative geometry

  12. Gaussian free field and conformal field theory

  13. Generalized multiscale HDG (hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin) methods for flows in highly heterogeneous porous media

  14. Geometric Langlands theory: A bridge between number theory and physics

  15. Geometric structures and representation spaces

  16. Geometry, algebra and computation in moduli theory

  17. Global result for multiple positive radial solutions of p-Laplacian system on exterior domain

  18. Green’s function for initial-boundary value problem

  19. Gromov-Witten-Floer theory and Lagrangian intersections in symplectic topology

  20. Hamiltonian dynamics, Floer theory and symplectic topology

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