1. Brownian motion and energy minimizing measure in negative curvature

  2. 학부생을위한ε강연: 수학자는 왜 선망되는 직업일까?

  3. Generalized multiscale HDG (hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin) methods for flows in highly heterogeneous porous media

  4. Weyl character formula and Kac-Wakimoto conjecture

  5. Nonlocal generators of jump type Markov processes

  6. Regularity of solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equation on a domain

  7. What is Weak KAM Theory?

  8. 정년퇴임 기념강연: 회고

  9. <학부생을 위한 강연> 사색 정리를 포함하는 Hadwiger의 추측의 변형에 관하여

  10. The classification of fusion categories and operator algebras

  11. Green’s function for initial-boundary value problem

  12. Mechanization of proof: from 4-Color theorem to compiler verification

  13. On the distributions of partition ranks and cranks

  14. Q-curvature in conformal geometry

  15. Zeros of the derivatives of the Riemann zeta function

  16. Geometry, algebra and computation in moduli theory

  17. Gromov-Witten-Floer theory and Lagrangian intersections in symplectic topology

  18. High dimensional nonlinear dynamics

  19. What is model theory?

  20. Essential dimension of simple algebras

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