Past Teaching

  • Mathematical algorithms I (수학적 알고리즘 1), M1407.000400, Spring 2021.
  • Mathematical and Numerical Optimization (최적화의 수학적 이론 및 계산), 3341.454, Fall 2020.
  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (수학적 모델링 및 전산실험), 3341.453, Spring 2020.
  • Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers, ECE205A (UCLA)
  • A First Course on Large-Scale Optimization Methods, Math 285J (UCLA)
  • Introduction to Programming, PIC10A (UCLA)
  • Python with Applications, PIC16 (UCLA)
  • Principles of Java Language with Applications, PIC20A (UCLA)
  • Convex Optimization, EE 364A (Stanford)