Woong Kook

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Seoul National University 


Department of Mathematical Sciences
Seoul National University
Gwanak-ro,  Gwanakgu, 
Seoul, Korea  08826


(02) 880-2672


woongkook#snu.ac.kr (with # replaced by @)


Research  interests

Combinatorics: combinatorial Laplace operators, matroids complexes, simplicial networks

Applied algebraic topology: discrete harmonic spaces, topological data analysis

Commutative Algebra: face ring of simplicial complexes, homological algebra







2013 Fall: Discrete Mathematics

2014 Spring: Topics in discrete mathematics, Calculus 1

2014 Fall: Algebraic Topology I (graduate)

2015 Spring: Algebraic Topology II (graduate), Calculus I

2015 Fall : Discrete Mathematics, Calculus II

2016 Spring: Topological methods in combinatorics, Calculus I

2017 Fall: Discrete Mathematics, Calculus II

2018 Spring: Topological methods in combinatorics

2018 Fall: Discrete Mathematics, Calculus II


Graduate Students  

Current Ph.D. students: Seungmin Han, Byunghak Hwang, Jinha Kim, Younng-Jin Kim, Kang-Ju Lee, Jaesung Oh, Jungsuk Oh, Sanghoon Yu, 

Current M.A. students: Woosuk Jung, Seungpyo Seo

Former Ph.D students: Caitlin Phifer (2014, University of Rhode Island)

Former M.A. students: Youngheum Kwon (2017 SNU), Byungsu Yu (2017 SNU), Junwoo Oh (2018 SNU)