The Department of Mathematics was established in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences when Seoul National University was founded in 1946. In 1975 when the university moved to the present campus, the Kwanak Campus, it was integrated with the Department of Applied Mathematics in the College of Engineering to become the Department of Mathematics in the College of Natural Sciences. At that time, Statistics and Computer Sciences were separated from the Department of Mathematics. Its name has been changed to the School of Mathematical Sciences in 1999 and again to the Department of Mathematical Sciences in 2003.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences All major areas of mathematics are represented at the dept on major areas of mathematics: Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Geometry, and Applied Mathematics. It is in charge of education in basic mathematics for non-math majors as well as more specialized mathematics for math majors. The Research Institute of Mathematics is a center of active research on diverse areas of mathematics.

In the Department, there are 38 faculty members, 3 honorary professors, 12 full time instructors25 post-doctoral researchers, about 180 graduate students, and about 120 undergraduate students.

The Department has the Sangsan Mathematical Building solely for mathematical education and research. This building was built in 1999 through the donation of an alumnus. The library is used not only by faculty and students of the Department but also by mathematicians from other universities.
After graduation, more than half of the students enter the graduate school for more specialized mathematical studies and proceed to become experts in not only mathematics but also other academic fields such as statistics, computer sciences, physics, economics, and industrial research laboratories, and educational institutes.

A new era of information technology is dawning in today's world and in such an environment, the role of advanced mathematics is constantly assuming greater importance. In this brave new world, ever increasing contributions are expected from our graduates.

  • 1946: The department of mathematics is established as part of the college of liberal arts and sciences of Seoul National University

  • 1975: The department of mathematics becomes part of the newly opened college of natural sciences

  • 1990: The research institute of mathematics is opened.

  • 1998: Opening of the Sangsan Mathematical Science building for mathematics