2020-08-07  09:30-11:30  Embedding Carnot groups into bounded dimensional Euclidean spaces with optimal distortion 유상우  27-116 
2021-10-14  09:30-11:30  Vertex algebras and chiral homology II Jethro van Ekeren  선택 
2020-10-22  09:30-12:30  Hausdorff dimensions of perturbations of conformal iterated function systerm via thermodynamic formailism 김우연  129-301 
2015-10-08  09:30-14:30  Post-quantum cryptography:Multivariate Public Key Cryptography Jintai Ding  129-301 
2016-07-05  09:30-15:30  Worst-case to Average-case Reductions for Lattice Problems Phong Nguyen  129-301 
2022-06-04  09:40-10:10  Regularity results for the nonlinear thin obstacle problem with double phase in the borderline case Jehan Oh  27-325 
2018-03-30  09:50-10:40  Global energy solution to the Chern-Simons-Schrodinger equations coupled with a neutral field 문보라  27-116 
2022-01-26  10:00-10:30  Topological structure of nearly degenerated exceptional points file 김진욱  선택 
2022-01-27  10:00-10:30  Exceptional Point Formed by Birefringence Controlled Fabry-Perot Cavity file 서지성  선택 
2022-09-23  10:00-10:50  The Watanabe-Strogatz transform and constant of motion functionals for kinetic vector models 박한솔  27-325 
2015-05-15  10:00-11:00  Reflexivity and hyperreflexivity of bounded n-cocycle spaces and application to convolution operators file Ebrahim Samei  129-301 
2014-11-07  10:00-11:00  Stability of the CIP scheme applied to advection equations Yuusuke Iso  선택 
2016-03-19  10:00-11:00  Riesz potential type estimates for parabolic equations with measurable nonlinearities 김유찬  27-325 
2015-12-04  10:00-11:00  New deformation of convolution algebras and Fourier algebras and its operator algebra characterization 윤상균  129-301 
2017-08-16  10:00-11:00  The Vlasov-Poisson-Boltzmann System for the Whole Range of Cutoff Soft Potentials Qinghua Xiao  27-325 
2018-10-26  10:00-11:00  Gaussian quantum technologies: teleportation and beyond Gerardo Adesso  129-301 
2018-10-27  10:00-11:00  Gaussian quantum technologies: teleportation and beyond Gerardo Adesso  129-104 
2019-11-06  10:00-11:00  A condition for blow-up solutions to discrete semilinear wave equations on networks file 최민준  27-220 
2018-08-06  10:00-11:00  From the compressible Navier-Stokes system to shocks for the corresponding compressible Euler system Alexis Vasseur  27-220 
2021-05-26  10:00-11:00  Characterizations of the plane and the catenoid as free boundary minimal surfaces 연응범  27-220