Dec 24, 2021  17:00-18:00  Bilinear Bochner-Riesz means and square function file Kalachand Shuin  선택 
Dec 20, 2021  16:00-17:00  The Navier-Stokes-wall-grafted polymer system, global well-posedness, and polymer drag reduction LA, Joonhyun  선택 
Dec 21, 2021  17:00-18:00  Solving partial differential equations using deep learning 홍영준  선택 
Dec 10, 2021  16:00-18:00  Separable states and quantum data hiding scheme 김정산  선택 
Dec 22, 2021  16:00-17:00  Asymptotic analysis on positive solutions of the Lane-Emden system near the critical hyperbola 김승혁  선택 
Dec 22, 2021  14:00-15:30  Asymptotic behavior of solutions to elliptic and parabolic PDEs with compact self-adjoint linearized operator 최경수  선택 
Dec 21, 2021  14:30-15:30  Kinetic description of stable white dwarfs 석진명  선택 
Dec 28, 2021  10:00-11:30  Regularity and existence of weak solutions of porous medium equation with a divergence type of drift I 황숙정  선택 
Jan 25, 2022  13:00-14:30  수학자를 위한 LaTeX 권현우  선택 
Feb 03, 2022  13:00-14:30  Quick tips and tricks for writing LaTeX and math 류경석  선택 
Jan 17, 2022  18:00-20:00  A bi-invariant Lorentz-Finsler structure in symplectic geometry Gabriele Benedetti  선택 
Jan 18, 2022  18:00-20:00  Entropy stability and Hofer's metric Matthias Meiwes  선택 
Feb 17, 2022  19:00-20:00  The little sibling of Rabinowitz action functional Urs Frauenfelder  선택 
Jan 27, 2022  10:30-12:30  Simultaneous determination of shape and refractive index of a deformed microjet cavity from its resonances 문송기  선택 
Jan 27, 2022  10:00-10:30  Exceptional Point Formed by Birefringence Controlled Fabry-Perot Cavity file 서지성  선택 
Mar 07, 2022  18:00-20:00  Hofer-Zehnder capacity from Hamiltonian circle actions 황택규  선택 
Mar 17, 2022  16:00-17:30  Small scale formations in the incompressible porous media equation Yao Yao  선택 
Mar 16, 2022  16:00-18:00  Pointwise convergence of noncommutative Fourier series Xumin Wang  선택 
Mar 21, 2022  22:00-23:00  Three lectures on the Eisenstein ideal Preston Wake  선택 
Mar 22, 2022  22:00-23:00  Three lectures on the Eisenstein ideal Preston Wake  선택