Seonhee Lim

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Seoul National University

Papers   Teaching  Research

Spring 2021: Differentiable manifolds (grad course), Differential and integral calculus, Freshmen seminar (Title: The world data live in)

Fall 2020 : Topic course in Geometry (grad course, Title : Symmetric spaces, homogeneous dynamics and number theory), Information society and mathematics (coteaching, in charge of topological data analysis), Differential and integral calculus (honors calculus)

Spring 2020 : Differentiable manifolds (grad course), Differential and integral calculus (honors calculus)

Fall 2019 (three courses): Introduction to Topology II, Seminars for freshmen: the world data are living, Information society and Mathematics

Spring 2019 : Introduction to Topology I and Topic course on Homogeneous spaces and number theory II

Fall 2018 : Linear Algebra and Introduction to Topology II

Spring 2018 : Linear Algebra I and Introduction to Topology I

Fall 2017 : Topic course on “homogeneous spaces and Diophantine approximation”and Topology II

Spring 2017 : Topology I and Linear algebra I

Fall 2016 : Topic course on Geometry of homogeneous spaces and number theory

Spring 2016 : Linear Algebra I and algebraic topology II

Fall 2015 : Topic course on Topology, geometry and dynamics on Moduli spaces

             References : A. Zorich, Flat surfaces, G. Forni, C. Matheus, A. Zorich, Lyapunov spectrum of invariant subbundles of the Hodge bundles,

                                   J.C. Yoccoz, Interval Exchange Maps and Translation surfaces, A. Wright, Translation surfaces and their orbit closures

Fall 2015 :  Graduate course in Algebraic Topology I

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 : Sabbatical leave (UC Berkeley and MSRI)

Past teaching includes topics in topology, algebraic topology I,II, Intro. to Lie groups, Bernstein seminar in topology and geometric group theory, Intro to Algebra, ergodic theory, etc. More