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Books and Lecturenotes:

1.  Chong-Kyu Han,  Overdetermined PDE systems of generic type,   GARC Lecturenote series 53,  November 2007,  Research Institute of Mathematics, Seoul National Univ.

2.  Several Complex Variables Introduction and topics;   bounded symmetric spaces and overdetermined pde systems (In Korean  ٺԼ,  Ī ̺й Թ),  with Jongdo Park,    湮,   2016

3.  Involutivity of constrained Pfaff equations,  lectures delivered in  KSCV Workshop,  Dec. 6-8, 2018, KIAS



53.  Chong-Kyu Han,  Constrained Pfaffian systems and quasi-linear PDEs of first order,  2021,  to appear,

52.  Chong-Kyu Han and Taejung Kim,  Analytic continuation and differential equations (in Korean,  ؼ ̺й) 2021,  to appear

51.  Chong-Kyu Han and Taejung Kim,  Maximal domains of analytic continuation for quasi-linear differential equations of first order (2020), to appear

50.  Chong-Kyu Han, Conservation laws and symmetry of differential equations-stories about E. Noether's Theorem (in Korean, ̺й Ī- ߽),  J. History of Math. 31-5 (2018) 211-222

49.  Kuerak Chung and Chong-Kyu Han,  Nullity of the Levi-form and the associated subvarieties for pseudo-convex CR structures of hypersurface type, arXiv: 1802.02294, Bull. Korean Math. Soc. January 2019,  Vol. 56-1, 169-178

48.  Chong-Kyu Han and Hyeseon Kim,  Invariant submanifolds for affine control systems,  arXiv 1801.00072,  Annales Polonici Mathematici 124-1 (2020) 61-73

47.  Chong-Kyu Han and Jong-Do Park,   Systems of quasi-linear PDE of first order with Cauchy data of higher codimensions,  J. Math. Analysis and Applications,  April  2015,  Vol. 430-1,   390-402

46.  Heungju Ahn and Chong-Kyu Han,  Invariant submanifolds for vector fields of constant rank,  preprint,  Science China Math.,  59-7 (2016) 1417-1426  

45.  Chong-Kyu Han andJongdo Park,  Local solvability of quasi-linear Cauchy-Riemann equations, Pacific J. Math., 265-1 (2013) 59-84  PDF

44.  Chong-Kyu Han and Jongdo Park,  Method of characteristics and first integrals for overdetermined system of quasi-linear PDE  of first order, Sci. China Math., August 2015, Vol. 58 No. 8;  1665-1676  PDF

43.  Chong-Kyu Han and Hyeseon Kim,  Holomorphic functions on almost complex manifolds,   J. Korean Math. Soc. 49 (2012), 379-394

42.  Robert Foote and Chong-Kyu Han,  First integrals for Pfaffian systems,  J. Geom. Anal., to appear

41.  Heungju Ahn and  Chong-Kyu Han,  Local geometry of Levi-forms associated with the exitence of complex submanifolds and the minimality of generic CR manifolds,  J. Geom. Anal. 22 (2012) 561-582  

40.  Chong-Kyu Han,  Foliations associated with Pfaffian systems,  Bull. Korean Math. Soc. ,46(2009),  931-940 PDF

39.  Heungju Ahn,  Chong-Kyu Han and Giuseppe Zampieri,  Minimality of CR submanifolds,  

38.  Chong-Kyu Han,  Generalization of the Frobenius theorem on involutivity,  J. Korean Math. Soc.   46 (2009), 1087-1103  P DF

37.  Chong-Kyu Han and Kanghyurk Lee,  Integrable submanifolds in almost complex manifolds,  J. Geom. Anal. 20 (2010) 177-192

36. Chong-Kyu Han and Giuseppe Tomassini,  Complex submanifolds in real hypersurfaces,  J. Korean Math. Soc. 47 (2010),  1001-1015   PDF

35. Chong-Kyu Han, Jongwon Oh and Gerd Schmalz,  Symmetry algebra for multi-contact structures given by 2n vector fields in R^{2n+1},  Math. Ann. (2008) 341: 529-542,   

34. Chong-Kyu Han,  Pfaffian systems of Frobenius type and solvability of generic overdetermined PDE systems, pp  421-430,   in  Symmetries  and overdetermined systems of partial differential equations, IMA Volumes in Math. and its Appl. vol. 144,  Springer-Verlag, 2007      pdf 

33. Chong-Kyu Han, Overdetermined system of linear pde's of first order of generic type, Proc. Conf. on Several Complex Variables,  on the occasion of Prof. Sheng Gong's 75th birthday,  Hefei, China, 2005, PDF

32.  Robert Foote, Chong-Kyu Han and Jongwon Oh,  Infinitesimal isometries along curves and generalized Jacobi equations,  J. Geom. Anal.  23  (2013), 377-394

31. Chong-Kyu Han,  Complete prolongation of overdetermined pde systems and the finiteness of multi-contact maps of R^3, Proc. Conf. on CR geometry,Levico Terme,Italy, to appear in 2005, PDF

30. Chung-ki Cho and Chong-kyu Han, Finiteness of infinitesimal deformations of isometric embeddings and conformal embeddings, Rocky Mt. J. Math. 35 (2005), 741-760  PDF

29. Chong-Kyu Han,Solvability of overdetermined pde systems that admit a complete prolongation and some local problems in CR geometry,  J. Korean Math. Soc. 40 (2003), 695-708 PDF

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1. C. K. Han, Analyticity of CR equivalences of some hypersurfaces in C^n with degenerate Levi forms, Invent. Math. 73(1983) 59-69