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  • Course : Calculus 1 (수학 및 연습 1)
  • Course number : 033.001 029
  • Prerequisites : (1) English + (2) High School Level Calculus
  • Textbook : Hong Jong Kim, Calculus 1 (English translation)
  • Grading : Midterm (200 points) + Final (200 points) + Quiz (80 points) + Participation (20 points) + Homework (50 points) = Total (550 points)
  • Caution : English is the only language allowed in class!! If you miss the midterm or the final, you will automatically get "F" for the final course grade.
  • The following is a tentative syllabus.
  • 수업 주수 진 도 비 고
    1st(3/3-3/7) (No Lecture on March 3rd)
    1.1-1.3 Sequnce and series, Geometric series, Comparison test
    March 3rd (Mon): Entrance ceremony
    2nd(3/10-3/14) 1.4-1.7 Root test, Ratio test, Integral test, Alternating series and absolute convergence  
    3rd(3/17-3/21) 2.1-2.3 Power series, Radiousof convergence, Power series of the exponential function Quiz 1 on March 21st (Fri)
    4th(3/24-3/28) 2.4-2.6 Power series of triginometric functions, Inverse trigonometric functions March 26th (Wed): 1st quarter of the semester
    5th(3/31-4/4) 3.1-3.4 Cauchy's mean value theorem, L'Hospital's rule, Linear and polynomial approximations Quiz 2 on April 4th (Fri)
    6th(4/7-4/11) 3.4-3.6 Taylor's theorem, Taylor series, Taylor expansion at an arbitrary point  
    7th(4/14-4/18) 4.1-4.3 Coordinate spaces, Polar coordinates, Cylindrical and Spherical coordinates Midterm exam on April 19th 1pm-3pm
    8th(4/21-4/25) 5.1-5.4 Parallel translation, Directed line segments and vectors, The inner product, Equations for lines and planes April 21st (Mon): 2nd quarter of the semester. Deadline of dropping the course
    9th(4/28-5/2) 5.5 Linear dependence and Independence, 6.1-6.2 Matrices, Linear transformations Quiz 3 on May 2nd (Fri)
    10th(5/5-5/9) 7.1-7.3 Inverse matrices, Permutations, Determinants May 5th (Mon): Children's day
    May 6th (Tue): Buddha's birthday
    11th(5/12-5/16) 8.1-8.3 The cross product, Cross products and matrices, Torque,  9.1 Paramterized curves  
    12th(5/19-5/23) 9.2-9.4 Acceleration vectors, Reparametrizations, Lengths of curves May 20th (Tue) 3rd quarter of the semester
    Quiz 4 on May 23rd (Fri)
    13th(5/25-5/30) 9.5-9.7 Polar coordinates and Areas, Arc length and reparametrization, Line integrals  
    14th(6/2-6/6) 9.8 Curvature June 5th (Thu): Local election day
    June 6th (Fri): Memorial day 
    Final exam on June 7th 1pm-3pm
    15th(6/9-6/13) Make up classes June 13th (Fri): End of spring semester
  • Quiz : There are 4 quizzes. Each of them weighs 20 points.
  • The above schedule may change, depending on the progress of the course.


number Instructor e-mail Office Phone number[880-] Class time Lecture room
029 국웅 27-210 2672 Mon 14:00~14:50
Wed 14:00~14:50
Course number TA e-mail Office Phone number[880-] Class time Lecture room
029 정지인 27-431 6558 Fri 13:00~14:50 25-105
김성한 27-432 2678 Fri 13:00~14:50 25-109
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